Frequently Asked Questions

Please look below at the frequently asked questions for your queries. If your unsure please get in touch with your questions and we will endevour to help you as best as we can.

Get A Quote 

The price we say is the price we pay, tell us your best quote, we guarantee to beat it!

We are not a scrap car comparison website so no middlemen or hidden fees to pay. We quote every car individually and you will not get unnecessary phone calls or emails from numerous scrapyards to buy your car.

Why choose us? There is no catch with TyneAuto's. We offer upto £500 cash for scrapped cars, we collect within a 15 mile radius of Newcastle. Gauranteed cash in your pocket.

You must tell the DVLA if your vehicle has been written off and scrapped by your insurance company. ...your vehicle registration number. The 11 digit reference number from the yellow 'Sell, transfer, part-exchange your vehicle to the motor trade' section of the log book (V5C) 

TyneAutos have a fleet of recovery trucks and we will send one of their environment agency registered waste carriers to collect your vehicle on the same day you receive your quote. 


We have a fleet of recovery trucks with lift and carry equipment onboard. 


No Problem. Please provide relevant identification to fill out a V5. Please be aware there is a £25 admin fee if no log book is present. 

Payment will be received in different ways depending on your vehicle type. Payment can be made in cash, cheque or electronic bank transfer.


By law we are allowed to pay cash for certain types of vehicles. Accident damaged, MOT failures, broken engine, etc all fall under this category. Our team of technicians will check over the vehicle to see if it can be economically repaired and made road worthy again.


This can be issued upon request.

Once the car has been collected, TyneAutos will stamp Section 0 of your V5 Logbook for you to send to the DVLA. All cars scrapped will be issued with a certificate of destruction through DVLA direct link.


This will be done as soon as you send Section 9 of the V5 which we will stamp for you.